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About our Kits

Diamond Scale Products produces craftsman kits, primarily of structures found in and around engine terminal facilities.  Some of the finished products are shown on the layout of our home page.

We support scratch builders and kit bashers by selling parts and partial kits.  We can provide just the turntable bridge that you can modify to fit your pit; or we can provide the pit and you design and build the bridge.  You can easily modify a bridge for narrow gauge or dual gauge.  Contact us for ideas and prices.
Diamond Scale was started around 1967 and for many years was located in Oakridge, Oregon. 

In late 1999 it was relocated under new management to Glendale, Arizona.  Since 2000 all the kit instructions have been up-dated and include many diagrams to make the construction steps clearer.

In August of 2007 Diamond Scale was sold again and moved to Alliance, Ohio. We intend to keep all current items in production and will also make available again O scale turntables.


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