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Diamond Scale produces craftsman-style kits, primarily of structures found in and around engine terminal facilities for steam or diesel locomotives.  Our turntables are designed to operate smoothly as well as to be realistic looking, and can support the weight of your engine at each scale.   

We must say that these are not beginner's kits.  The level of a craftsman-style kit is very different from the snap-together type plastic model.  Craftsman kits involve the use of tools to a greater degree, and generally have small parts and materials that must be assembled.  Accuracy in making measurements is also very important.  

How difficult?  For example, several of our kits require the bending and forming of 0.020 inch diameter brass wire into handrails or other small items.  We use basswood parts as small as 3/64 or 1/16 inch angles, and scale 2 x 4's (which in HO are 0.024 x 0.048 inches).  Some of our metal castings are as small as 1/16 inch.  A turntable can take several hours to complete.  We don't mean to discourage you from buying our kits but we don't want you to be disappointed either.   

Many modelers enjoy the construction process as much as using the finished model.  Diamond Scale kits will appeal to the experienced model builder, and will afford several hours of enjoyment as the different parts and materials are assembled, painted, and become a completed model.  Although we supply detailed instructions, your experience and ideas can be utilized  to individualize each model.  

With care and patience each kit can be assembled into a high quality detailed structure on your layout.  Grouped together or singly they can provide a unique setting to display your steam or diesel locomotives.  

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