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Visit the Following

Individuals who have built and will build Diamond Scale kits for others
Larry Eyman of Papa’s Trains - Lareyman@aol.com; http://www.papastrains.com
Jack Davis – jdaad@mindspring .com

Custom layout designers and builders that use Diamond Scale products
Raildreams, Inc. – http://www.raildreams.com
East Coast Enterprises – http://www.trainlayouts.com
Bob Hayden – bob.hayden@mindspring.com

James A. Mull - http://www.jamcreations.net

Individuals with Diamond Scale products in their layout
Stefano Curtarolo – http://nietzsche.mems.duke.edu/~auro/trains/tech/turntable
Michael Luczak – http://www.geocities.com/mluczak_xab/oscale.html

Other good sites
Suppliers of quality model railroad materials
Kappler Mill & Lumber Company (scale lumber) –
Color Canyon Materials (natural rock ground cover) – http://www.colorcanyonmaterials.com
House of Duddy (O-scale catalog) – http://www.houseofduddy.com

Motor & Indexing System - http://www.nyrs.com

Mike's Narrow Gauge Models (Sn3 specialist) - http://www.mikesnarrowgauge.com


[Photos of S / Sn3 Dual Gauge Turntable]

[KCRY Timber Truss by Carl Cascone]

[HO TS-134 Bridge by Larry Eyman]

[Photo from Ed Groves, Ontario, Canada]

[O 105 foot turntable by Ron Mazzei]


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